The Cocktail Club

Welcome to West London’s best Thursday night takeover; The Cocktail Club.
Another night at The Prince with great cocktails, what’s new? Prices at The Cocktail Club go up and down depending on what’s hot!
Here’s how it works. You’re eyeing up a Chilli Mango Margarita and the price is sitting at just £7, it’s the perfect chance to try something new. You order one and, naturally, you’re blown away. You tell all your friends to get one too, and they all do. Next thing you know, you’ve set a trend and everyone is buying them. Because they’re so popular, the price goes up!
Now, while everyone’s been ordering Chilli Mango Margs, they’ve been ignoring the Melon Cooler (which sounds like the perfect thing after a few spicy cocktails) and the price has fallen down to just £5! You get the idea; if a drink is popular the price goes up, but if it’s flying under the radar you can pick up an amazing deal.
All the prices are displayed live on screens so you can stay on top of the action, meaning you can try all sorts of cocktails (we have at least 12 on our menu at any one time) at incredible prices!
*Other non-cocktail drinks also available

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